What We Do

Alloy Wheel Repair And Refurbishment

Wheels are one of the most expensive and attractive parts of the car and by far the easiest to damage. Kerb damaged and scraped alloys if left damaged can result in the spread of severe oxidation leading to a much more expensive repair at a later date.

We carefully remove the wheels from the car and repair them on-site using the latest technology on the market. We can even restore deep gouges to the wheels returning them to their former as new factory finished condition. When Wheel Masters Bournemouth have finished, you won’t even know that they have ever been repaired.

For an immediate free quotation please call us on 07871 312673 or contact us through our website.

Price List

Our full price list is below.

Estimated Repair ChargesPricing
Alloy Wheel Repair (Single Wheel)from £40.00
Alloy Wheel Repair x 2 Wheelsfrom £80.00
Alloy Wheel Repair x 3 Wheelsfrom £110.00
Alloy Wheel Repair x 4 Wheelsfrom £130.00
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